Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

  • Door Hardware: Material Options and Finishes for Interior Handles

    Interior door handles are important elements in a home because they are frequently used, particularly in comparison with the main entryways. In addition, their appearance can affect the aesthetics of the interior space. Therefore, if you are thinking about improving your indoor space, consider replacing these components. You will achieve better performance, longevity and aesthetics. There are numerous door handles in the market to consider when shopping for new interior handles.

  • Does Your Vehicle Have a Keyless Entry System? You Need to Know About This Potential Security Risk

    Does your vehicle have keyless entry? While it's hugely convenient, this method of entry is not without its security risks. Some types of entry systems can be exploited by a thief with the right expertise and equipment. So what exactly are the risks? And what can you do to overcome them? Unsecured Areas There is only a tangible risk if it's physically possible for someone to gain entry even if the vehicle was unlocked.

  • When Should I Call A Locksmith?

    Although you try to avoid it, at some point in your life you're probably going to need a locksmith's help, whether to let you into your cars, to change the locks on your home or to give advice on security. So when are the right times to call a locksmith?  When you're locked out Probably the most common calls to locksmiths come from people who've accidentally locked themselves out of their homes or cars.

  • Five Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Safe

    Buying a used safe is a great way to save a bit of money, but before you put your valuables in something that has been used, you need to consider a few things. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for and purchasing a used home safe: 1. Consider a commercial safe When buying a used home safe, remember you don't have to restrict the search to home safes.

  • Never Lose Your House Keys Again With These 4 Strategies

    Keeping track of your house keys can be hard, but luckily, there are a number of things you can do to make it easier. The strategy you select will likely be based on when and where you tend to lose your keys. The following strategies focus on keeping track of your house keys, and they are primarily designed for people who use public transit or bicycles. However, if you are a driver, you can also use many of these strategies on your car keys as well.

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Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Hi, my name is Olive, and when I was a kid, my dad was a safe manufacturer. I used to love being in his welding shop or accompanying him to jobs to make locks onsite. When I grew up, I did not follow in his footsteps, but I owned a restaurant, and I always thought of my then late father when I put cash into the safe at the end of the night. Through years of being a business owner – sometimes in a not very safe neighbourhood – I learned the importance of locks. I also learned how they can break, how to repair them and how to ensure they in working order. To honor my dad, I wanted to make a blog about locks and safes. Whether you are a business owner, a homeowner or someone curious about becoming a locksmith, I hope you enjoy reading these posts!