Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

4 Features Your Electronic Access Control System Should Have

Duane Ramirez

Many businesses rely on electronic access control systems to keep thieves and other intruders out of their premises. Since the introduction of the first generation of access control systems, security technology has advanced. Electronic security systems today provide a range of advanced features, which give business owners and managers a high level of control over who has access to their property. When shopping for an access control system, choose one that has the following features to maximise the benefits for your company:

1. Rekeyable Locks

One of the most basic features of an electronic access control system is the ability to rekey locks when a key card is lost or stolen. Any system you choose should provide an easy way for administrators to reset the locks and remaining key cards, locking out anyone who has found or stolen a card from one of your employees. Steer clear of systems that require intervention from the manufacturer or another party to rekey the locks; in situations where you have lost control of a key card, you need to be able to take action quickly to ensure your property is secure.

2. Secure Key Cards

When buying an access control system, check that the key cards include security features that make them difficult to copy. In businesses that use traditional locks and keys, employees often put their employer's property at risk by making copies of keys. One of the key reasons to upgrade to an electronic security system is to prevent this copying and most providers of access control system design their key cards to be hard to copy without advanced technology.

3. GPS Key Card Tracking

Even when you can rekey locks to keep the property secure, lost keys are still an annoying problem for businesses. Some access control systems aim to make key loss a thing of the past by equipping all key cards with GPS sensors, so system administrators can always find out where they are.

4. Proximity Sensors

Although not a necessity for all businesses, proximity sensors can be useful for some companies. These sensors allow employees to unlock doors simply by walking up to the door with the key card in their pocket. This is quicker and easier than employees having to get their cards out of their pockets and swipe or tap them on the lock. Consider installing an access control system with proximity sensors if your employees often need to pass through locked doors, particularly if they have to carry boxes or other items in their hands.


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