Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Master key systems for multiple occupancy buildings

Duane Ramirez

Being landlord of a multiple occupancy building such as a block of flats or an office building has its advantages -- more tenants in one place means less travel and more efficient management. However, dealing with security can be a challenge. If you manage a large number of properties, keeping track of all the keys can be difficult, more so if you also need to issue keys to cleaners, maintenance workers and other employees who might need to access communal areas. Individual keys for each unit can be tricky to manage.  

A master key system solves the security and efficiency challenges posed by multiple occupancy buildings. In a master key system, each tenant receives a key to their own unit's lock. They may also be able to use these keys to access communal areas of the building such as a lobby, laundry room or garage. However, they can't use them to access any other unit in the building. 

In addition to these tenant keys, you can also issue service keys, also known as "cleaner" keys. These keys will open the building's main doors and other communal areas, but won't allow staff into the individual units. If necessary, you can also create sub-master keys, which have access to some areas but not others. For instance, if you have a group of buildings with the same master lock system, you can create sub-master keys that open only some buildings but not others. 

Finally, one or more master keys complete the set. Sometimes called "grand master" keys, these open every lock in the building or group of buildings, granting access not only to the main doors and communal areas but also to individual rental units. Obviously, these master keys need to be restricted to protect the security of tenants, but the convenience makes the extra effort well worth it. 

If you think that a master key system would be right for the building you manage, talk to your locksmith about master lock system installation. When creating a new master lock system, your locksmith should be able to provide you not only with cylinders and keys for your current units but also provide you in future with the locks you need to expand your master lock system. 

Master lock systems are a secure and convenient way for landlords of multiple occupancy properties to manage access. Just one master key can replace what would previously have been dozens of individual door keys. 


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