Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

When Should I Call A Locksmith?

Duane Ramirez

Although you try to avoid it, at some point in your life you're probably going to need a locksmith's help, whether to let you into your cars, to change the locks on your home or to give advice on security. So when are the right times to call a locksmith

When you're locked out

Probably the most common calls to locksmiths come from people who've accidentally locked themselves out of their homes or cars. Some people avoid calling a locksmith because of the expense or embarrassment, but depending on the time of day, a callout can actually be quite affordable -- and any good locksmith will give you a quote over the phone in advance. Whatever you do, don't call emergency services: firefighters do sometimes receive calls from people locked out of their houses. 

If you've lost your keys

If your keys have been mislaid or stolen, especially if you've also lost any kind of identifying information, you'll need to change your locks. Just like locking yourself out, this can be a little embarrassing, but it's important to remember that it's something that happens to everyone; call your locksmith right away and be frank about it. The consultation will give you an idea of what needs to be done. Act quickly; your locks are a vital part of your home's security, and you don't want to go with compromised locks any longer than you have to. 

After a break-in

If you've been the victim of a burglary, you may need to have your locks replaced. Calling your locksmith is obviously the first step here. But modern locksmiths don't just deal with keys and locks; you may want to look at other types of upgrades to your home's security. Your consultation could include recommendations about other types of security systems such as alarms, security lights, shutters or whatever else you need to secure your home. 

Installing safes 

A safe is a great way to product valuables, documents or data storage devices in your home or business. Even the most sophisticated safe, however, isn't really secure unless it's properly installed. Whether you're installing a completely new safe or replacing an old one, a locksmith can provide you with advice and expertise. Indeed, if you're installing the safe for insurance reasons, your insurer may require that your safe be installed by a qualified professional. Your safe will also need to be periodically serviced; again, a call to your locksmith will take care of this. 


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Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

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