Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Repairing and Protecting Locks, Keys and Safes

Overcome The Anguish Of Stolen Car Keys

Duane Ramirez

Losing your car keys is incredibly stressful. However, if they are stolen the situation becomes even more traumatic. You have to go through the additional anxiety of knowing that somebody has the potential to access your vehicle.

Having the keys to your car or motorbike stolen faces you with two major inconveniences: the security of your vehicle and the cost of replacement keys. This advice will help you to deal with this extremely worrying situation and help you identify ways to overcome your dilemma.

Steps to take when your keys are stolen

Clearly, stolen keys immediately place your car or bike at extreme risk of being snatched by brazen thieves who now have access to the vehicle.

  • Immediately arrange for keys to be re-programmed
  • Park your vehicle in a safe place away from your home until you have new keys
  • Use a steering wheel lock or wheel brace
  • Notify police and get a reference number to use in any potential insurance claim
  • Store your new keys with extra special care and attention to security

Arrange For New Keys At Once

For peace of mind, you need to have your stolen keys made redundant as soon as possible. Fortunately an automotive locksmith such as Oakleigh Locksmiths can reprogram your vehicle's control module. There is no need to go through the lengthy process and additional expense involved when trying to contact the dealer to obtain the necessary codes. The simplest solution is to provide the auto locksmith with your spare key which they can then use to read the information to access and change codes.

However, like numerous others in your predicament, you may not have a spare key. Do not despair.

  • A professional service is able to use their highly sophisticated equipment and diagnostic tools to access the control unit.
  • They will reprogram the electronic transponder chip with a new code. When the key is turned, it will read the new code which is required to start the vehicle.

Luckily, this service can be provided quickly and efficiently. You can have your new keys with minimal inconvenience. Subsequently, having experienced the unwelcome experience of insecurity and vulnerability, you need to take steps to avoid any future occurrence.

Understand why stolen key numbers are increasing

There has been a worrying increase in the number of house break-ins where thieves are simply after vehicle keys. This is a growing trend because of two contemporary influences:

Modern house design

Because the garage is incorporated as part of the house design, it gives owners an added sense of security. They tend to leave the keys in their vehicles thinking them to be parked quite safely.

Today's sophisticated car security and key technologies

These features have made thieves come up with new ways of making off with your vehicle. They now need to get their hands on the keys first. Your home is now their target as the most direct means. Many offenders are even audacious enough to enter occupied premises.

Thieves are quite partial to stealing keys as it provides the benefits of a quick and silent get away, there is no need to worry about alarms being activated, or attention and suspicion aroused when breaking in to a vehicle.

Reduce Your Risk Of Theft

Pay close attention to your overall home security and where you place keys inside your house.

  • Having a security alarm system or camera installed is well worth considering and relatively inexpensive solutions are widely available from your local provider.
  • Making sure of always placing your car keys in a safe position both inside your house and on your property. Avoid leaving them within reach of your front door or within sight of windows. Never leave them in your letterbox. Thieves are adept at reaching them with a wire and hook technique.

Now that you have more information about the covert world of the thief you are in a much better position to protect your keys. You need never be vulnerable to their contemptible activities again.



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